Dorian Yates Began To Walk In A Small Basement Gym


Of a prisoner in the champions – Dorian was arrested at age 19 due to participation in the riots. In England, those who are under 21 years of age are considered “youth”, so he was sentenced to six months’ detention in a correctional Youth Center Wotton.

Like many prisoners in jail Dorian engaged in sports, and immediately earned a reputation as a strong and fittest among 300 male prisoners future champion thinking that if he does not do anything, you will eventually have and to hold all his life prisons. When Dorian was released from custody, he decided that he will not return to prison.

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Athlete began to walk in a small basement gym, and at age 21 has already made in the first competition. In 1986, Dorian won the Championship of Britain in the heavyweight division. A year later he bought his gym in England. In 1987, Dorian torn thigh muscle, and he had to do the surgery. But that has not stopped a fighter.

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