HOW TO BUILD STRONG THIGHS? What is the best recommended Exercise??
To develop a big, strong thighs, the best exercise, or the king of all exercises is the basic squat with the bar. When you work with weights, start with a smaller load, then go to bigger weights. Do not forget you can get hurt if you just overload the weight. To develop muscles, remember that it is best to weight training working with slower repetitions.
1st Stop in front of the bar with weights, and let your legs are separated by approximately shoulder-width apart. Beam position will affect that part of the thigh muscles to train. Wider position affects the inner thighs while narrower position more to the outer part of the thighs. 2nd If you train with weights on a machine, a device to access and adjust the height of the bars and desired weight and grip the rod and put it over his shoulder. Squats are the same whether you are doing it on a machine or using weights. Third Bend your knees to descend. Do this so that your back are straight. If you can, go down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
 This means that your legs are bent at an angle of 90 degrees. There is no reason to descend lower than that unless you want to include exercise and hamstrings. 4th Get up slowly and with concentration, using the thigh muscles. Keep your back straight and head up. Stand up while your feet are almost flat. Never tighten the knees to the end (lock) “. 5th Repeat the squat and make as many reps as you can. Add more weight according to your training regimen. 6th The last series make the initial weight of the “dismissal” to further weary and burdened muscles.

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