Want To Become A Miss? It Will Be Pricey Cost You


The title of the muscles is not easy to get, namely not cheap fight for the position of the most beautiful girls. In preparation for the Miss America, costing tens of thousands of dollars In detail it looks like.
Money that contestants stand to prepare can be paid one year of study, to buy a car or pay hefty bank loan. Smart money cannot recover those funds, but the prize gets Miss USA is far less than the investment.
Kim Gravel, Miss Georgia 1991, the star of the show “Kim of Queens” tutor muscle and owner of “The Pageant Place costume,” said the prices of dresses for competitions ranging up to 700 to 5,000 dollars.
– Now It’s A Big Deal, Elections Are Held Every Needle- Kim Said.
Lisa Brad field, Director of Marketing, “Henri’s Cloud Nine” in Ohio in this year’s competition for the Miss America was responsible for the appearance of four contestants. The dress which she purchased From MuscleSeek, ranging from eight to 10 thousand dollars for the “big events”


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