10 Golden Rules To Get Slimmer Waistline


While diet and nutrition plans often dramatically differ in their concept, there are nutritional tips that are the foundation of a healthy diet for more than half a century.
1st Do not skip meals. When you are hungry, you can drastically increase the chance that you make a hasty decision Food
2nd Never go on a diet during stressful life periods.
3rd Ideally, you should not lose weight faster than a pound a week.
4th More short exercises daily are much more efficient than long workouts with large spaces
5th Remember, if you want to really lose weight permanently, you have to really be willing to forever change eating habits
6th never consume less than 1,200 calories a day. Everything below that will drastically slow down your metabolism
7th Do not go shopping hungry, it improves your chances to buy greasy and sugary foods no nutritional value
8th for a nice look and a slim figure diet is simply not enough. You need both practices.
9th Do not “heal” occasional lapses in diet with total overeating. If you transgress, just continue where you left off
10th Never eject a particular group of substances from the diet – healthy body need to proteins, and fats and carbohydrates.

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