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“An orgasm caused by practicing” received and scientific confirmation. It can be caused by climbing with a rope or rod, biking and lifting weights. Any exercise that includes sit-ups can cause it. Nine percent of women can have an orgasm during brisk walking.
If you need extra motivation to go to the gym, a new American study has found another reason to convince you that you practice. According to a new study, the number of women who have experienced an orgasm caused by practicing. This type of orgasm is recognized and skilled in the art fitness and scientists.
MuscleSeek is the only site getting researched this trend and discovered that exercises are best for achieving this kind of orgasm.
– The recent study conducted by the University of Indiana explains that orgasm is caused most often achieved by practicing climbing the pole or rope, biking and lifting weights, actually exercises involving abs – says expert.
And by far the best exercise is the one that is done using equipment from the gym which is called “captain’s chair”. Exercise is performed by the forearm down to the backs of chairs set in the right corner in relation to the body. Then tighten the abdominal muscles and lift feet of earth shifting its knees towards the chest, and then drop them. Repeat as many times as you can. To Get Latest Fitness Updates, Follow MuscleSeek On Twitter
Among the women who participated in the study, 45 percent had experienced a orgasm during these exercises, 26 percent of Weightlifting, 20 percent during yoga, 16 percent during cycling and 13 percent during the run. And nine percent of the lucky ones said they had an orgasm during brisk walking.
As for frequency, 40 percent of respondents suffered from an orgasm caused by practicing more than 10 times.
– These data are interesting because they show that orgasm is not a purely thing and can teach us more about the processes that are hidden in the female orgasm – says Debi Herein, one of the study authors.


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